San Carlos Apache Tribe, environmentalists battle Oak Flat copper mine bid

SUPERIOR – Oak Flat, a desert landscape and 90-minute drive outside Phoenix, lies in the midst of an environmental and economic controversy.


Coconino County officials hike to bottom of Grand Canyon to set up polls for Havasupai Tribe

GRAND CANYON – Matt Rudig stands on Hualapai Hilltop and looks down at the landscape of the Grand Canyon. He laces up his hiking boots and situates his backpack in preparation for the 8-mile hike ahead of him. Deep within the gorge is the Havasupai Tribe’s village – his destination.


AZ protesters connect with national opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline

PHOENIX — Smoke from lit bundles of sage swirled around protesters waving signs, “Water Is Life” and “Stand With Standing Rock” to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Visiting Big Sur — the Waking Dream

BIG SUR — Only one road can take you there — Highway 1. It’s a day-tripper’s dream land and a local’s privilege to live there. Every pair of eyes yearns to see it — the threatening yet inviting, rugged coastline with waves that crash with contrast and balance. But even the most exquisite places aren’t tailored perfectly. If the wrong thread is tugged too hard, it all falls apart. It’s mysterious and mystical. It’s Big Sur.