Singer-Songwriter Liv Zelechowski

Zelechowski, a desert goddess with a soulful voice, talks about her passion for the art of music, how she's evolved and where she draws her inspiration from. 

Petrified Forest National Park

What used to be a prehistoric rainforest is now a unique, desert landscaped dotted with crystalized petrified wood. Explore the mysteries of this park and how some visitors recall supernatural happenings after taking pieces of wood home with them.

Same Goal, Different Roles

The role of the skater and the filmer oppose one another but their dependency is the same. If a skater wants their best tricks documented, someone needs to film him. And if a filmer wants to produce skate videos, someone needs to skate for him. Filmer Eric Danescu and skater Pauli Lanzetta work together multiple times a week composing flicks and landing tricks. Although they handle business differently, their mutual respect for each other offers equal benefits at the end of the day.

Yoga Instructor Ramsea Lucas

Lucas, a yogi and spiritual healer, details her journey through yoga teacher training, how she's evolved, and what she brings to her organic, yoga classes.

Shredder Eric Clark

Clark has been ripping for 13 years and isn't stopping anytime soon. He moved from Michigan to Gilbert, Ariz. two years ago with a group of buddies to pursue skating in a place where snow is minimal. Rather than going to a local skate park, Clark and his friends cruise the streets of Phoenix a few times a week scouting for spots and various street terrain. Skating on the city's property comes with the possibility of being ticketed for trespassing, but Clark continues to do what he loves regardless of regulation. Clark and his friends recently launched their debut film “Heinous”, edited by Eric Danescu.